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Explore some our main features

3D Scans floors


This 3D scan floorplan is the perfect tool to automatize and accurately measure your restoration project, creating instant measurements, allowing you to upload scope data notes to each room without having to break out a tape measure or a Bluetooth laser tape. As long as your phone has the LiDAR, technology built-in iPhone 12 or above you now have your tape measure built into your phone and you will save countless hours of sketching and drawing into Xactimate or Symbility. 

Call & Text in

app-saved to the job

Misunderstandings are common problems on restoration projects, these are the situations where the client is saying they never received a call or text message. Quit worrying about having phone calls made out of app, text messages in multiple threads on employee phones, and none of them making it to the notes section of your job management software.

With Restoration-OS, you can call and text message in the app, and it automatically saves the text messaging and call recordings to the job's communication section. This way, no one has to make a note and rephrase everything they just talked about on a call.  

Assign & Schedule jobs

Our Assign and Schedule Jobs feature makes it easy for restoration businesses to quickly assign and schedule jobs within the company and also to their subcontractors. With this feature, you can easily assign jobs to specific employees and subcontractors, schedule start and completion dates/times, and keep track of job progress with ease. This feature is a great tool that allows you to stay organized and on top of all of your repair and restoration jobs.

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Job cost

Update job cost on the mobile app

Tired of tracking down receipts that never make it back to the office?

Now every technician, project manager and Estimator has the ability to update photographs of receipts, marking them by category (subcontractor / materials / fees) and uploading them directly to the job site, subtracting that out as a cost on a project. Sometimes your project managers and technicians, are busy in the field and these receipts never make it back to the office.

Let’s make sure they can update the Job Cost from the field! 

Estimate mobile

Update Estimates on the mobile app

Sometimes your estimators and project managers are out in the field, inspecting losses, and estimating on-site not having enough time to get back to the desk. Enter Restoration-OS, now you have the ability to update a PDF of your Xactimate or Corelogic estimate, and create the price for job in the mobile app.


Now there is no more excuses that "I’m behind on updating because I don’t have time to get to my desk", now everyone can start to see forecasted revenue numbers instantly at the office from the field! 

Oh yeah, we track change orders and supplements this way live from mobile app too!


Templated inspections and photo reports

Do you feel like you always end up missing a photograph or someone misses a important step that should’ve inspected on your projects?

With our templated workflow inspections, we walk technicians through which photograph to take from front of the house to source of the loss, to answering questions on how many rooms were damaged even how much equipment they placed on the job.

We automatically upload default note references from IICRC S500 -S520 and OSHA/EPA guidelines. Your user just has to answer, the questions upload the photos, and you’ve got an instant inspection  workflow built into your mobile app! 


Your technicians will answer the question so often they will memorize the inspection process, making them better and more useful so the app inspection actually serves as a training tool as well, while enforcing that you get all the information you need!


These are constantly updated by our  IICRC instructors and business owners feedback for users! 

How the App Works


The app starts from the first phone call to help you input the right information depending on the type of job Fire / Water / Mold / Repair, then allows employees to clock into the job and call or text or email and then sign contracts update inspection reports and scope notes then schedule task and subs. All along the way users are updating job cost receipt photos and estimate numbers and supplements to the app allowing for full revenue and cost and time in process tracking. This bubbles up to a reporting for managers and owners including all jobs in progress by phase and average profit margins and even will suggest areas for improvement compared to the average times and margins in the market for the type of job. 

The app works by doing everything you need it to except for paying your taxes, finding the work, and doing the manual labor. Everything else is in the app ready for you to implement. 

If we didn't think of it tell us and it will go out in the quarterly releases!


We value your feedback and are committed to our customers Restoration Contractors

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